Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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IC knows about that bc they are filming the races and the incidents and sell them for a huge profit on a black market to very certain powerful people.
Salvr is one of those powerful people. They control the vast majority of the underground, both literal and figurative.
The only way macabrepartee could know that, is because they are the Once and Future True King of the Underground, prophesized to return and defeat the Inner Circle of Power.
Salvr likes Wizard 101.
Denae is a wizzard tech nerd XD. (Don't quote me on that.)
Kayak isn't a kayak like the name implies, but is actually a canoe!
Airams can eat fifty pounds of cake in one minute!
skepticMatter is actually an Ent. They are the ruler of the forests. Fear them.
*mumble mumble* Jet fuel *cough cough* Steal Beans
Strider, in all truth is not MSPARP's actual bro, but an ecto-clone father.
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