Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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A drunken Atlas once told me that he had no faith in the Fire Nation whatsoever.

(Also this Steel beans gag has been going for a while.)
While Alex claims to had sworn allegiance with house void, he secretly supported team mang in the shadows

A-ha, the traitor accuses the traitor. Because just yesterday I saw Moraileagu3 doing the House Kayak secret handshake with another secret memeber of the oceanic house.
said the president of the house kayak fanclub
OnceAponAStrider secretly wishes that he knew the House Kayak secret handshake, but isn't cool enough to know it.
Kayak forgot how to do the handshake last month, and hasn't remembered how to do it since then.
That's because denae brainwashed them to forget it. The dastardly villain.
macabrepartee is secretly an informant for the other clubs, and teaches them the entry handshake.
Okay, fine. I confess. But RW is my associate and partner in crime.

Well, er, I heard that macabre's secretly funding COMMUNISM!
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