Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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bowtieAssasin is secretly stockpiling on bowties, so they can sell them once the bowtie economy goes kaput.
RW is actually a mildly discontent squire
Whoa guys, fuckin' watch out. I heard DD is actually a clean memer instead of a filthy memer.
If you think that's bad, I've heard that BN hasn't rushed a single bum. Ever.
Idk if this is true but I heard BD has Dirk tied up in their basement but don't quote me on that
It's not Dirk, lemme tell you that...
NH gave Mom a shotgun and now everyone's fucked.
Kayak has Jade Harley tied up in her basement.
Hey guys, I'ma real happy, and I'ma let you finish, but...

DS is secretly funding the kidnappings of multiple homestuck characters!

How do I know about this plot? Well, er, um.. DON'T GO IN MY BASEMENT, THOSE SCREAMS ARE FROM THE RADIATOR.
I don't have a basement. The attic however is a different story...
RandomWriter is the person you go to when you want someone kidnapped.
Kayak does have Dirk tied up in her basement.

please send help
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