Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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sm is a holofoil shiny lv.100 kermit who is secretly conspiring with the illuminati and is a member of the flat earth society.
AA likes to bathe toddlers in orange juice and her them scream "GUACAMOLE!!!"
CL is a total weeb and sleeps with a body pillow of the rock johnson
LT enjoys doing the Macarena in an elevator with former president Cill Blinton for hours on end, simply because Super Grover told them to, and he is their lord and saviour.
EX is actually Sonic.exe with drain bamage
(03-31-2018 01:08 AM)lonelyTroubadour Wrote: [ -> ]EX is actually Sonic.exe with drain bamage
LT isn't actually a lonely troubadour - he's a fairly well-treated bundle of socks dressed up to look like Kelly Clarkson.
EX is a closet gay Republican accountant who spends their time complaining about the stock market
CL has an entire pokemon team that can be destroyed by a rattata
LT is actually a goldfish cracker that never smiled once in his life.
MM unironically voted for trumpo
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