Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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IP is actually part of a musical daily, constantly having to sink during the day, interupting any possible thing he could be doing so he can sing about it. Including when he is using the toilet.
SM just screams loudly all the time and never stops or runs out of breath
MS is secretly part of the illuminati and comes to the forums just to convert feeble minds.
They don't even like homestuck or roleplay or anything, they just know that only the most exploitable minds reside here.
TG eats orphans souls
EK is secretly and A.I. from a doomed timeline wasting time in the past instead of fixing it. Why? 'Cause they can.
DF enjoys nothing more than covering themselves in tar and rolling around in sand to mimic a corndog.
LT is in fact a rare pepe who has the power to warp space-time at will, bend metaphysical rules and is a firm believer in pyramid power.
AA is a dragon who is floating through space on s toilet bullying little kids
EK is part of a meme cult that worships dat boi as their god and spends their free time hunting for the mothman and looking up astrology posts for guidance.
AA is the Universal Frog.
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