Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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VC lied, and said SM is Hussie's failed clone to cover the fact that they are the clone themselves.
⚠ is going to hack Hiveswap's Steam page just as it was about to be realase.
IP actually has a chicken for a head, and even has his own tumbler page, purely for selfies and weird posts...
Greenzor is part mantis shrimp on their father's side.
VC is GONNA SHPIN like a top
SC is about to die in 5...... 4...... 3...... 2....... 1-
Greenzor actually wasn't lying, and stabbed SC just before replying.
Dilmec has been on the forums for years now
CT spoils Hiveswap plot to everyone.
IP feels indifferent towards hiveswap.
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