Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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FB is the leader of an infamous thieves guild that puts spaghetti in every persons pocket
Kuro has some idea what to type on his signature.

((Also, hello! Long time no talk :D
F☆ actually hacked into my and KS' accounts and try to RP us because they miss us.
IP cries tears of joy at the sight of me coming back online after a long hibernation term xD

Hisashiburi Miliu and Instru how've y'all been young social justice warriors
KS is actually Maplehoof's humansona.
Fubar is the leader of a secret cult dedicated to guarding ancient scriptures foretelling the spiritual awakening of Ben Stiller.
At isnt a crossout
Theyre a god damn synth
CT hates Undertale with a deep, burning passion.
AT is not a real boy
OJ definitely is a being made of literal orange juice.
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