Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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PR has played osu
KS has 2 reps.
Miliu is asleep
KS knows what to write on his signature
Miliu has posted in the Brick Wall game
KS ruins the whole Brick Wall game.

((I kinda feel like it doesn't feel really fun anymore, with everyone being random. It's not your fault, not at all.))
PR is hyper

((We need people attacking the wall. Thas me problem. We're basically being Trump supporters here trying to build the wall. xDDDDDDD I'M CRACKING DEEP INSIDE BECAUSE OF THAT CRAPPY JOKE. GOG.))
KS is a god.
SM is a Sanguine Trailblazer
KS is part of the [K]i[S]s band.
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