Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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KS is Handsome Jack.
PR is Genocide Jill
KS'es echaladder is buged that's why he's always stuck on greentike even if he's replying to memos.
PR will eventually reach Fanciful Senpai

((I want to climb up the Echeladder so badly for FANCIFUL SENPAI status))
((Then why your buck is still 0?))

KS is noticing me(whatever that means. Also, whf is a kun?)
((Because I ain't got no ideas yo))

PR is my kouhai ((kun is like a title in Japan that specifies if they're a boy or girl for gender neutral names. Like how Yuki can be a girl or boy's name in Japan. Making it "Yuki-kun" means Yuki is a boy and "Yuki-chan" means Yuki is a girl.))
^ Has reached Godtier
F* hunts down deers and rips off their flesh then eats the deers heart raw as a trophy
KS recives phone calls from the 50 Blessing.
PR organizes those calls
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