Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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SM is a Knight of Space.
PR is a knight of light
SM is a Seer of Mind. Get it? [S]eer of [M]ind? [SM]?
PR is a Prince of Rage :33 how 'bout you? :3
SM real form is in her new profile pic.
its true X3)) (my trollsona)))
PR's true form is in his profile pic. (signature.)
((There's two pic and three chars. Which one?))

SM's a snake.
(the birds of course X3)
(i am actually X3, or as close to one as one can get being a dragon.)
PR's a duck.
(Who invited all these morons?)
SM is 3x better than Terezi.
you did.)
PR is 3x better then eridan
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